SmartCAM Locks Up

Technote 200
Date: 07/04
Product: All
Version: v4.x (Windows) to v12.x (resolved in v13.x and up)

SmartCAM locks up or freezes often.

Microsoft has introduced a driver, with OfficeXP for Alternate User Input, that is used for things like voice recognition that adversely affects SmartCAM. One of the symptoms is that SmartCAM will hang if you "Keep Defaults". Microsoft has published a bulletin on their Knowledge Base that can be found here:

For Office 2002:;en-us;282599

For Office 2003:;en-us;823586

This describes what it is and how to properly disable it.

Sometimes there are things that can be missed, but a good way to check is to press CTRL+ALT+Delete and open the Task Manager. Click the Processes tab. Look for a process called ctfmon.exe. If it is running then the text services of the Alternate User Input has not been properly disabled.

Also check in the Regional and Language Options control panel. Click the Languages tab, then the Details button. Click the Advanced tab on the next form and check to be sure System Configuration 'Turn off advanced text services' is checked.

Some systems will add this to your Startup menu. If so, remove it.