Using the small Show Path panel

Technote 201
Date: 09/04
Product: All
Version: v11.5 and greater

How do you activate SmartCAM's small, two line Show Path panel.

Solution: The solution varies based on the version of SmartCAM being used.

SmartCAM v15.5 and above

There is a button on the Show Path panel that will let you switch between the two-line small panel and the larger panel. The button is labeled "Small" or "Large".

SmartCAM v11.5 to v15.5

Here are two ways you can activate this panel.

Add these lines to your favorite icon .bar file.

BUTTON "Show Path"
ICON "vwspth6"

Or add/edit this line in the [Hotkeys] section of your application.ini file. If you do not know where your INI files reside, see Technical Bulletin 244: How Do I Find My INI Files.

SHIFT+F7=dialog "ViewShwPath"

(This can be any of the available Hot Keys you wish)

Note that the difference is the "o" (ViewShwPath vs. ViewShowPath) as to the 2 line vs. the 5 line dialog.