Installing SmartCAM as "Administrator"

Technote 207
Date: 03/05
Product: All
Version: v9.x-v16.x

I've installed while logged in as Administrator, what can I do?

NOTE: The information presented here is supplemental to the instructions provided for you in the Installation Guide and your application's Release Notes. Please refer to those instructions BEFORE using this technote.

See Technote 200 for XP installs.

The User Account Home Directory is used during SmartCAM installation and the default and setup file used by SmartCAM are read and written to this directory.

If you are logged in as Administrator when installing SmartCAM, you must take into consideration the permissions of the Administrator's Home Directory.

The default Configuration Files Path is the Home Directory of the User Account performing the SmartCAM installation.

The default Destination and Configuration Files path locations are obtained from:

\windows\SMARTCAM.INI or <%HOME%>\SMARTCAMCNC.INI for v12+.

Create a configuration directory on the local drive.

For example: C:\CFGHOME

Edit the SmartCAM.ini, or SmartCAMcnc.ini file and change the line:
CFGPath=(some path)
to point to this new directory.

Copy or move all of the .ini and .su files from the original CFGPath to this new directory.

See this bulletin for v12+ information about configuration details and considerations.

See Technote 155 for more information about installation and configuration tips.