Could not find or load '..\shared\mover.pcb'

Technote 213
Date: 09/05
Product: All
Version: v12.x

At start up of SmartCAM applications the diagnostics window opens with a 2022: Could not find or load '..\shared\mover.pcb' error.

Make sure INI files have correct path to customization.

  1. Quit any SmartCAM applications that are running.
  2. Check that mover.pcb exists. With a default installation it will be here:

    C:\Program Files\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv12\SYSTEM\shared

    If it does not then something happened during your installation and an uninstall - reinstall will be necessary.

  3. Check your applications INI file. This is located in your SmartCAM [HOME] drive/directory. Opening a Command Prompt usually opens to your [HOME] drive and directory.

    Application INI files are name as follows:

    ffm.ini (FreeForm Machining)
    amill.ini (Advanced Milling)
    pmill.ini (Production Milling)
    aturn.ini (Advanced Turning)
    pturn.ini (Production Turning)
    afab.ini (Advanced Fabrication)
    awedm.ini (Advanced Wire EDM)

  4. With Explorer navigate to this drive/directory, then to directory SmartCAM. Open your applications INI file with Notepad. Check this section (towards the bottom):

    MenuName1=Dynamic Nest

  5. Change the MenuPcb1 line to read (assuming a default installation):

    MenuPcb1=C:\Program Files\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv12\shared\mover.pcb

  6. Save the file and start your application.