Custom Tool Graphics or Drag Tool does not display CTG model

Technote 216
Date: 11/05
Product: All
Version: v12.5 and Up

Show Path is not displaying Custom Tool Graphics, nor is Advanced Fabrication's Drag Tool or Show Path for Reposition, Clamps, etc.

Starting with SmartCAM v12.5 it is possible to use .SH3, .PM4, and .PM5 Process Model file formats for storing Custom Tool Graphic models. Prior to this release, only .SH3 model files were allowed so the filename's extension was not required. It is now required.

Note: While you can continue to use .SH3 model files for storing Custom Tool Graphics, this is a depreciated file format and it is highly recommended that you migrate the data to the .PM5 Process Model format.

To update your CTG references, for each Step that uses a CTG file, open File - Planner and from the Edit Process Step page re-pick the CTG file. You can either use the File Select button to locate and select the CTG file or manually enter the correct file extension directly to the File Name text string.

For Advanced Fabrication's Drag Tool and Show Path machine features, use File - Planner and select the Work Setup tab. Also, update any machine graphic models that may have been used.

Note: All CTG files must continue to remain in a common directory for each application.