What is the difference between Hide and Mask?

Technote 218
Date: 04/06
Product: All
Version: v13.x and Up

What is the difference between Hide and Mask, and how do I use Show/Hide?

Masked elements are specified based on their Layer, Step or Workplane property, and are considered inactive for Show Path, Show Cut, and Code. Hidden elements on the other hand are strictly removed from display and remain active regardless of whether they are visible or not. Elements are hidden based on their membership in the active group, so if desired a single element can be selected and hidden.

With Show/Hide it is possible to hide elements without regard for their Step or Layer properties. For example you may simply select any element or set of elements with the Group tool and choose Hide Selected on the pop-up menu or Group palette. You can also Hide everything except the currently selected elements using the Hide Unselected command.

For example you wish to select the underlying surfaces (blue) in this model for finishing with Pencil Mill. As it is, the previous toolpath makes them difficult to pick.

With Show/Hide you can place individual elements into the active group and Hide Selected.