Topic: Getting error 2722: Unknown work plane name with v13.5+

Technote 226
Date: 10/06
Product: All
Version: v13.5 and Up

Macros that used to work when referencing workplanes now fail with error 2722.

Due to work done on the variable system, the workplane referencing now, as it should have always been, uses a name or string value instead of a number. Looking ahead at many projects and proposals in SmartCAM requires tightening the rules of the use of variables in SmartCAM, and in particular the macro system.

Use the WKPLN() function instead of the PLN() function

In the past this would work:

PROPERTY[ WP=PLN(#my_element) ]

The WP parameter expects a name or string but the PLN() function returns an integer number. This will now fail. Instead use this:

PROPERTY[ WP=WKPLN(#my_element) ]

The WKPLN() function returns the workplane name.

Please be aware the the WP parameter is used in other commands, for example:

WITH_STEP[ ST=##, WP=WKPLN(#my_element), ... ]