Import Error 6609 - Temporary directory setting is not valid

Technote 227
Date: 01/07
Product: CAM Connection and all SmartCAM Applications
Version: v13.5 and Up

After updating to v13.5x, when attempting to translate a CAD file through the File Import function of a SmartCAM application or directly using CAM Connection, an error occurs indicating that the temporary path is invalid.

In some circumstances the creation of the CAM Connection Temp Path fails during installation for unknown reasons, resulting in the SmartCAMcnc.ini file pointing to a temporary path location that does not exist. In other cases, during installation previous version SmartCAM settings are merged into the v13.5 SmartCAMcnc.ini file and during that merge the Temp path setting becomes incorrectly specified.

Determine the SmartCAM v13 Configuration location by starting a SmartCAM v13.5x application (for example Production Milling, Production Turning, etc.) and opening the Help About dialog box. The Configuration Location is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box.

Close all SmartCAM applications, then using a text editor such as Notepad.exe, open the SmartCAMcnc.ini file located in the Configuration Location and find the following section and key. Check to make sure the path specified points to a valid location. The path shown below is the standard default. If the Temp folder does not exist, either create it or point the temp_dir path to another valid location. Save the SmartCAMcnc.ini file.

temp_dir=C:\Program Files\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv13\temp\