How do I turn off Tool Tips?

Technote 228
Date: 03/07
Product: All
Version: v14 and Up

I want to turn off Tool Tips and have the text appear on the One Line Help bar.

Tool Tips appear as you move your mouse pointer over certain areas of the interface. In the past this text would appear on the One Line Help of the status bar at the bottom of the interface. With Tool Tips on the text no longer appears there, but rather in the tool tip itself.

Determine the SmartCAM Configuration location by starting a SmartCAM application (for example Production Milling, Production Turning, etc.) and opening the Help About dialog box. The Configuration Location is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box.

Close all SmartCAM applications, then using a text editor such as Notepad.exe, open the SmartCAMcnc.ini file located in the Configuration Location and find the following section and key. By default ToolTips is set to 1, or on. Change this to 0, or off. Save the SmartCAMcnc.ini file.