How do I change my foreground and background colors?

Technote 232
Date: October 2007
Product: All SmartCAM Applications
Version: v12 and up

I prefer different foreground and background colors. How do I change them?


For SmartCAM v17.5 or later, use Utility - Display Modes and click on the "Invert Display" button.

For SmartCAM versions older than v17.5:

There is an unsupported configuration tool found here.

Or you can manually change this by editing your SmartCAMcnc.ini file. Open Help - About. The configuration location is noted at the bottom of the About panel. Quit all SmartCAM applications and edit your SmartCAMcnc.ini file found there. Scroll down to the [Defaults] section and note the Foreground and Background keys. They will look something like this:


Swap the color numbers so that it looks like this:


This will swap the fore and back ground colors. These color numbers are based on the color table index found toward the top of the SmartCAMcnc.ini file.

See your online Customization Guide for more information about this, about INI files and other customizations.