Errors 3081 and 3104 about #EL_NUM when using Rectangle, or executing a macro

Technote 233
Date: December 2007
Product: All SmartCAM Applications
Version: v14.5 and up

Using Rectangle, Polygon or other tools, or simply running certain macros causes errors with these messages in the Diagnostics Window:

3081: ERROR on line #: Attempted redefinition of the variable <#EL_NUM>
3104: NOTE: This variable already defined in the Macro Variables dialog.

This issue is related to the user defaults file containing an entry for this variable with its type declared as decimal or string instead of integer. The old system was ignorant of this error, and the new system will trap and report it.


  • Open the application Help - About dialog box and make note of the Configuration Location displayed
  • Exit all SmartCAM applications.
  • Using a text editor such as Notepad open the application defaults file in the configuration folder, for example for Advanced Fabrication (Inch) the file is named AFDFLT_I.SU
  • Search the file and find EL_NUM under the "user:" heading as follows, there may be many other lines between the heading and these two lines
    DBL EL_NUM (number)
    STR EL_NUM (number)
  • Delete these two lines and save the defaults file