How do I swap my middle and right mouse button functions?

Technote 234
Date: July 2008
Product: All SmartCAM Applications
Version: v12 and up

I prefer my right mouse button to act as the enter key and the middle button for opening the pop menus. How do I configure this?

You can change this by editing your SmartCAMcnc.ini file. Open Help - About. The configuration location is noted at the bottom of the About panel. Quit ALL SmartCAM applications and edit your SmartCAMcnc.ini file found there. Scroll down to the [Defaults] section and note the SwapMidRightMouse key. It will look something like this:


Set this to zero so that it looks like this:


Save the file and your mouse buttons will now be configured as described.

See your online Customization Guide for more information about this, about INI files and other customizations.