Error 2004 or 2008, about ViewShowPath appears in the Diagnostics Window at start up

Technote 235
Date: October 2008
Product: All SmartCAM Applications
Version: v15.5 and up

When my application starts, the Diagnostics Window displays Error 2004 (or Error 2008).

These are some examples of the errors that may appear in the Diagnostics Window.

2008: Unknown command symbol: Shift+F7: do "ViewShowPath"
2004: Illegal command or attribute: EVENT dialog  "VIEWSHWPATH"
2008: Unknown command symbol: Shift+F6: dialog "ViewAngle"

With version 15.5 the Show Path dialog and how it is called from the different SmartCAM customizations was changed. Where the call used to be - dialog "ViewShowPath", it is now - do "ViewShowPath". Also, because the small and normal sized dialogs have been combined, the small Show Path dialog has been discontinued. Therefore the call, ViewShwPath, no longer works. The effects from these changes can be found in either the tool bar or the hot keys.

For your tool bar:

Determine the BAR file location by selecting Utility - Icon Bar - Choose. Note the location and quit all SmartCAM applications. Edit your BAR file with a text editor such as Predator Editor or Notepad. Find the following line:

EVENT dialog "ViewShowPath"
EVENT dialog "ViewShwPath"

Change this line to:

EVENT do "ViewShowPath"

For your hot keys:

Determine the SmartCAM Configuration location by starting a SmartCAM application (for example Production Milling, Production Turning, etc.) and opening the Help About dialog box. The Configuration Location is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box. The application INI files are named based on the application. See the Customization Guide - Customizing your SmartCAM interaction - Working with INI files for a list of INI file names as they relate to your particular application.

Close all SmartCAM applications, then using a text editor such as Predator Editor or Notepad, edit your application INI file. If you do not know where your INI files reside, see Technical Bulletin 244: How Do I Find My INI Files.

Find the line that contains the following:

dialog "ViewShowPath"
dialog "ViewShwPath"

Change this line to:

do "ViewShowPath"

Or in the case of ViewAngle:

SHIFT+F6=dialog "ViewAngle"

Change this line to:


This key can be reassigned if you wish. See the Customization Guide for information about that.