Predator Editor exits if launched while SmartCAM is running

Technote 240
Date: Nov 2009
Product: All Applications, Predator CNC Editor
Version: 16.5

When running SmartCAM v16.5, using Predator CNC Editor for SmartCAM v16, if the editor is launched while a SmartCAM application is running, the editor exits with an error that reads "Predator CNC Editor has encountered a problem and needs to close."

If SmartCAM is not running or if launched before running SmartCAM, the editor works as expected.

There appears to be an incompatibility between one of the DLLs installed with Predator Editor and the equivalent functionality in SmartCAM itself. The resolution is to copy the specific DLL from the SmartCAM SYSTEM directory in to the Editor's runtime directory.

To resolve this issue do:

  1. Close all SmartCAM application and the Predator Editor.
  2. Open a Windows browser and change to the SmartCAM SYSTEM directory. This is normally located at: \Program Files\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv16\SYSTEM
  3. Copy (copy not move) the file "smccheck.dll" from this directory to the Predator Editor run directory. This directory is normally: \Program Files\Predator Software\Editor 8.0
  4. After copying the file and overwriting the existing file, the issue should be resolved.