505 Product Licensing Error

Technote 243
Date: June 2011
Product: All SmartCAM Applications
Version: v14 and up

When launching SmartCAM NC applications, get the 505: Version # of Product is not licensed error.


This is a generic error message, it is displayed when SmartCAM application licensing is unable to find a valid license for the current application.

There are several issues that may cause this error to be displayed. They are described below.


Incorrect License Key Strings

For users with multiple sites, it is not uncommon for the user to import the license key strings for the wrong computer. The license key strings use the system's Server Code as part of the key creation process. So keys generated for a specific server code will only work on the system with that server code.

Alternatively, the license key strings for a different version of SmartCAM may have been imported. In this case, the server code is correct, however the version number is incorrect.

The license key file, that you import into License Manager, is an ASCII text file. Open it in a text editor - be careful not to make or save any changes to this file - and compare the version and server code against your product's version and your PC's server code.

You can find your computer's server code by running the SmartCAM License Manager. The System Server Code is in the upper left-hand corner of the main application window.

To resolve this issue, locate the correct license key file for your server code and product version and import the file using the SmartCAM License Manager.

Expired License Key

If running a timed license, such as a trial license, when the license reaches the expiration date the license will fail. Contact your Sales Representative to find out what options you have. If running on temporary keys, provided with new product purchases or SSA updates, request and install your long-term license keys.

No Server Code or Server Code Has Changed

The System Server Code is based on several components tied specifically to a given PC. If any of those components are changed, it will affect the server code.

If you have updated your PC and the server code changes, you will need to request new license key strings from SmartCAMcnc. Follow the instructions in the SmartCAM Installation Guide for generating a license key request form and submitting it to SmartCAMcnc. Do not send your license key requests to SmartCAMcnc Technical Support, they do not process key requests.

If you do not have a system server code, the field is blank in the SmartCAM License Manager, or if the server code changes each time you restart your PC, then you may have run into the DHCP Media Sense feature of your PC. In this case see the following technical bulletin.

Technical Bulletin 208: There is no server code, or the server code has changed for my installation.

Missing License Key String

The license key string for the given product was not imported into the SmartCAM License Manager.

Run the SmartCAM License Manager and review the Installed Products list. The entry, in the list, for the product that is giving the 505 error should show the Version, User Count, and Expires (expiration date). If the product entry does not show this additional data, then the license key string for this product has not been imported. Locate the license key file for this product and version and import into the License Manager.

Time Tampering Error

If you change your computer's date/time more than some certain amount, Windows sets a time tampering flag. Programs that depend on the clock for security reasons can poll this flag and will become disabled if the tampering flag is set.

If this happens, do not try to adjust the clock to resolve the issue. Once the tampering flag is set, further adjustments to the clock do not resolve the issue.

To check and see if this is the issue, check your smcLicense##.log files for the following error text: Request denied due to clock tamper detection.

The log files are in your SmartCAM TEMP folder. To find the you can review the Learning SmartCAM help topic: About SmartCAM - SmartCAM Folder Structure. Alternately, you can find the folder by running License Manager. Then opening Help - About. The Configuration Location path is where the SmartCAM INI files reside. Change to this path. Then back up the tree one subfolder, you should see the TEMP folder.

The following log names are used:

  • smcLicense30.log - Production Milling
  • smcLicense40.log - Advanced Milling
  • smcLicense50.log - FreeForm Machining
  • smcLicense60.log - Production Turning
  • smcLicense70.log - Advanced Turning
  • smcLicense80.log - Advanced Fabrication
  • smcLicense90.log - Advanced Wire EDM
  • smcLicense01.log - Data Import, such as Inventor or SOLIDWORKS Connections

You cannot resolve this issue yourself. You will need a cleaner script from SmartCAMcnc. Use the following link to create a new support call with SmartCAMcnc Technical Support.


Permission Errors

Depending upon the Windows permission level of the person installing the application and/or importing the license key strings, SmartCAM may not be able to create or update the license key file. You may need your Administrator's assistance or the assistance of the IT group to resolve permission issues.

SmartCAM needs full read/write/modify permissions on its files and folders. The default paths are:

SmartCAM v16.x:

  • Program Files: \Program Files\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv##\
  • User Files: \Program Files\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv##\SCUSER\
  • Temp Directory: \Program Files\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv##\TEMP\

Note: SmartCAMv## is a versioned folder, the ## are replaced with the major version number.

SmartCAM v17.x and Later:

  • Program Files: \Program Files\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv##\
  • User Files: \ProgramData\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv##\SCUSER\
  • Common Files: \ProgramData\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv##\
  • Temp Directory: \ProgramData\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv##\TEMP\

\Program Files\ is named \Program Files (x86)\ on 64-bit versions of Windows.

\ProgramData\ was introduced with Microsoft Vista and continued in Windows 7, as the default path for common application files. However, on some systems (including versions of Windows released prior to Vista) it may be mapped to other paths. Common alternative paths for this include:

  • \Documents and Settings\AllUsers\
  • \My Documents\AllUsers\
  • \Users\AllUsers\

Depending upon your Windows version and how it is configured the AllUsers part of the path may be replaced with the Windows login name of the person that installed the application.

There are several ways to find where your User files have been installed. The easiest method is to run License Manager or your SmartCAM NC applications and open Help - About. The Configuration Location path shown is the User Files path.

To resolve the permissions issue, modify each of these paths and all the files and folders within each, so that the User account group contains full Read/Write/Modify permissions. You can also use the Full Control option (which amounts to the same thing).

Note: There are more detailed instructions on how to deal with permissions issues in Technical Bulletin 241: Licensing fails after upgrading from v16.x to v16.6 or above. This technical bulletin is not for error 505, however the information about Permissions applies.