How Do I Find My INI Files

Technote 244
Date: 11/11
Product: All
Version: v13 and up

I need to update my SmartCAM or Application INI file. But I cannot find them. Where are they located?

Your SmartCAMcnc.INI and application.INI files are stored in a SCUSER folder in your SmartCAM Common Files folder. By default, this path will be:


Where ## is replaced with your SmartCAM major version number.

The ProgramData path is for Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you are using a different version of Windows or if you ran a Custom installation and did not install into the default path, your path will be different.

You can find the path where the INI files are located by running your SmartCAM application or the SmartCAM License Manager, then opening Help - About. The Configuration Location path, shown on the About box, is where your INI files reside.

Click on the Open button, on the About box, to open a Windows Explorer with the path set to the Configuration Location path shown on the dialog box.

On some configurations of Windows, part of your path may be hidden. If you use the About box to find your INI path, but when running Windows Explorer to change to this path you find it does not exist, then it is partially hidden. The path, as shown on the About box, does exist. SmartCAM could not launch if it did not. If you cannot find part of the path in Windows Explorer then use Folder Options and turn on the option to display Hidden Files and Folders or copy and paste the full path into the Windows Explorer address line.

Remember: close all your running SmartCAM applications before editing the INI files.

Help Sources

The location of the SmartCAM INI files is also covered in your SmartCAM Installation Guide, in the Attention Existing SmartCAM Users - SmartCAM Paths section starting on page 5.

Using the About box to find your path is documented in the SmartCAM Customization Guide, at the top of the Working with INI Files topic.

You can also find documentation on using the About box in your application help file. Open help, then the Index tab. Type in "ini", "smartcamcnc" to find the topics. Or use the Search tab and search for "ini" or "smartcamcnc.ini".