Unable to Import or Export DXF/DWG Files

Technote 246
Date: 03/14
Product: All
Version: v2014 SP1-Only

When trying to import or export DXF/DWG files, the translation never completes. The read-out line, along the bottom of the SmartCAM window, says "Translating" however the translation never finishes.

The SmartCAM application installation files have been updated to resolve this issue. However, those customers who updated to v2014 SP1 prior to March 1st, may not have the updated installation files. The following steps explain how to quickly update these systems.

SmartCAM v2014 SP1 includes an update to the ACIS kernel and InterOp data translation tools. This update requires the inclusion of a DLL, that previously was not needed.

To resolve the issue, download the required DLL and copy it into your SmartCAM PDETXD folder.

Please complete the following steps:

  • Close any running SmartCAM applications.
  • Download the following archive file: https://www.smartcamcnc.com/Technical_Support/Utilities/Downloads/SPAXAssemblyRep.zip
  • Extract the SPAXAssemblyRep.zip into a temporary folder. It contains a single file, "SPAXAssemblyRep.dll."
  • Open a Windows Explorer and change to your SmartCAM SYSTEM\PDETXD folder. This is usually located at:

    \Program Files (x86)\SmartCAM\SmartCAMv2014\SYSTEM\PDETXD\

    On 32-bit versions of Windows, "Program Files (x86)" is "Program Files."
  • Copy the SPAXAssemblyRep.dll into the SYSTEM\PDETXD folder.

The update is complete. You should now be able to import/export DXF and DWG files.