Predator Editor for SmartCAM V2014 displaying Error 10: Access or Permission Problem

Technote 249
Date: 10/14
Product: All
Version: v2014/SP1/SP2

After updating to SmartCAM v2014 and installing Predator Editor for SmartCAM, getting error: "10: Access or Permission problem with SmartCAMcnc INI file path.

This is usually caused by an incomplete installation. There is a manual DLL copy step required for SmartCAM v2014.

On the SmartCAMcnc website download page, where you downloaded the Predator Editor installation, exand the Predator CNC Editor section. There is a link that starts with "Read these installation instructions before ..." Click on the link to open a pop-up window that contains the editor's installation instructions. Make sure you completed all the steps, including the manual DLL copy step.

If you get a "page not found" or similar error, when clicking on the link, then the pop-up instruction window is being blocked by your system. Try right-clicking on the link and select one of the "Open in new tab/window" options.