Error 3057: Job Library functionlity has been deprecated

Technote 250
Date: 11/15
Product: All
Version: v2016

You are running a macro, which is trying to use the JOS file-based Job Library. The error is displayed when your macro accepts to run one of the older Job Library macro commands.

Starting with SmartCAM v2016, the JOS file-based Job Library functionality has been deprecated - as a step towards obsoleting and removal from the applications. This older Job Library has been replaced by the KBM (Knowledge Based Library). The KBM is a SQL database driven Step and Tool library, with considerably more capabilities than the older Job Library.

The Job Library has already been removed from the SmartCAM User Interface. Its related macro commands have been left in the applications to give you time to transition. When one of the Job Library macro commands is encountered for the first time, in a SmartCAM session, the 3057 error will be displayed. This exists to warn you to update your macros.

In a subsequent release of SmartCAM, the Job Library macros will be removed. Consider this your notification that you need to update your macros.

Take the time to learn how the KBM Library works and consider how you would like it to work in your macros. Then using this information, update your macros.

SmartCAMcnc suggests you record a macro, completing the actions you want to automate. Then modify this recorded macro as needed. Since the KBM macro commands need to work with the JOS system, you will need to establish a JOS context and may need to establish a tool context. Recording the macro will insert those macro commands and the KBM macro commands in the correct location.