IGES and STEP Imports Not Working after v2018 SP1 Installed

Technote 252
Date: 03/18
Product: All
Version: v2018 SP1

After installing the v2018 SP1 update, get error 5568: File (path) cannot be opened..

This appears to be related to the ACIS update included in the v2018 SP1 maintenance release. The failure seems to be due to insufficient permissions on certain folders.

You may need your IT Support for this.

You need to expand the permissions on the SmartCAM translation tree folders and files. The normal read, list, execute permissions do not appear to be sufficient.

Update the user/group permissions for the two paths (listed below) and all their subfolders/files. The folders are:

  • \Program Files (x86)\SmartCAM\
  • \Program Files\SmartCAM\

You may not have a SmartCAM folder under "\Program Files\". This folder is currently only created when you have installed the 64-bit Data Translation update. The top level folder is listed, as an attempt to keep this from being an issue for subsequent ACIS updates.

Open a File Explorer and change to the folder. Right-click on the smartcam folder and pick Properties from the pop-up menu. Change to the Security tab.

On this Window, the top shows the groups and users associated with your current Windows log-in account. The bottom shows the permissions for the selected user or group.

Use the Edit button; then for each Group and each User (pick each individually), make sure the Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, and Write options are picked in the Allow column. Then use the Apply button to apply these updates.

Make this permission change for each user and each group shown in the top part of the window.

Make the above changes to both paths (if you have both paths) listed above.

Verify the changes were made by reselecting the two SmartCAM folders, opening the Security tab and clicking on each user and group, then check the current permissions in the list at the bottom of the window. If all users/groups don't have the changed permissions, update those selections again, until they do.

Reboot the PC, to make sure permissions are being used.