10044 and 10045 KBM Errors, on start-up, after v2018 SP1 Installed

Technote 253
Date: 03/18
Product: All
Version: v2018 SP1

After installing the v2018 SP1 update, get error 10045: KBM database version "1.0" current version: "2016.0". And 10044: The KBM engine failed to start. when starting your SmartCAM application.

You may have run afoul of the infamous Windows Virtual Store feature. In some cases, when Windows detects a permission issue trying to modify a file, it copies files to different locations and create internal links to the file.

If this is a Virtual Store issue, there are two things to do. First to copy your original KBM Database file back to the normal location and tell SmartCAM how to find it again. Next is to fix the permission issues so this doesn't happen again.

Find Current KBM Database Name and Path

Find out the name of the KBM database being used. Run your app and open Utility - Options - JOS Planner Options, then find the KBM Library File property. This property shows path and filename for the KBM library. Write the info down, you will need it later.

Open a File Explorer and change to:


Where <your windows login account name> is the login name you used to log on to this computer.

Look for the ProgramData folder, under VirtualStore, and change in to it.

NOTE: On some systems the ProgramData folder is hidden. In the File Explorer, expand the View tab, then click on the Options button. This opens the Folder Options window. Change to the View tab. In the Advanced Settings tree, under Files and Folders - Hidden files and folders. Set the value to Show hidden files, folders, and drives. Click on Apply and OK to close the window, now try searching for the ProgramData folder again.

Change into the VirtualStore ProgramData\SmartCAM\Common\Database folder.

Look for your original KBM database (that you looked up earlier). Copy this .DB file to the default location for KBM data base file. This location is:


If you did not install SmartCAM on drive C:, replace the C: in the above path with the correct drive letter.

If your database is named KBM.DB or KBMSAMPLE.DB, you should rename it. Change the name to anything you want, but keep the file extension .DB

Now, you need to tell SmartCAM how to find the database. Run your application and open Utility - Options - JOS Planner Options, then find the KBM Library File property. Edit this property and browse to and pick your database file.

This should resolve the errors on start-up. However the root cause is still in place; that is a permissions problem - which is what triggered Virtual Store in the first place.

Fix Permissions

Now, you need to fix the root cause of this problem. Windows is reporting a permissions error. You may need your IT support for this, as you need to change the permissions on the following folder tree and files:


Give your Windows log in account full read/write/modify permissions on this folder and all subfolders/files. Remember that Windows uses the least level of permissions; so you need to make sure all related users/groups are updated so that all of them have at least read/write/modify permissions.