Installing And Troubleshooting Cloud (CLM) Licensing

Technote 254
Date: 06/14
Product: CLM
Version: v2019

Installing CLM:
Installing Cloud Licensing (CLM) simply involves saving your cloud license key file to specific locations on each computer that you want to use for running SmartCAM.

Your CLM key was provided to you as an email attachment. Save the license key file attachment to a location where it can be accessed from any machine that you plan on using. Or use some other method of getting the key to the computers in question (such as thumbdrives).

On each computer save the licensing key file to the following location:


Your CLM licensing is now configured and you can run your SmartCAM applications.


If you are receiving licensing errors, verify the following items.

Keys Installed:
Use the above installation information to verify that you have installed your license key in the correct two locations.

Key File Correct
Open the key file in a text editor (such as notepad) and verify that it is a CLM key and not some other type of licensing key.

A CLM key will have the following format: CUSTOMER name isv=smartcam server=server name port=port number password=password. Where the items in italics varies but the basic format is the same. If your key does not follow this format, find the original email where the CLM key was attached and resave to the appropriate locations (see above).

Internet Access:
Cloud Licensing uses the internet to communicate with a centralized licensing server in the cloud. The computer you are trying to run SmartCAM on, must have internet access.

Communications Port Blockage:
Cloud Licensing works by talking with a remote server using communications ports. The port number being used vary from customer to customer. If you are having communications problems, a likely cause is your anti-virus is blocking port access.

To resolve this, you will need to configure your anti-virus (or other related software) to give your SmartCAM applications permission to use the ports to send and receive information from the server. This is generally accomplished by configuring the anti-virus tool to "trust" the SmartCAM applications. This tells the tool to allow SmartCAM to communicate over the internet using communications ports.

The steps need to configure your anti-virus vary, so consult your anti-virus documentation on how to complete this task. You may need IT support for this activity.

The communication ports needed vary with different customers. If your IT support want to configure the anti-virus to only allow access to the specific ports, please use the SmartCAMcnc website and submit a technical support request and the required port numbers can be provided.