Associating Open Code File with NC Editor

Technote 255
Date: 08/19
Product: All NC Applications
Version: v2014 and Above

Open Code File Behavior

When the Open Code File option is enabled, on the Process - Code window, generating NC code will also launch your NC code editor when the processing is complete. The newly generated NC file will be opened in your default editor.

This behavior relies upon Windows File Association. SmartCAM does not know where your editor is or which editor you are using. Instead, it uses the same Windows functionality that allows you to double-click on a file and have it open in the correct editor.

You can assign default behavior to files, based on the file's filename extension. For example, you could assign a specific editor to open when you double-click on a file with .NC as the file's extension.

You will need to assign a default application for your NC file's extension; associate that with your editor. Use Windows Help to find how to handle this. In Windows 10, you would use the Choose default apps by file type interface.

When you are complete, you can test it by double-clicking on an NC file. If it works this way, it should work from within SmartCAM.