VCRUNTIME140_1.DLL was not found

Technote 259
Date: 01/22
Product: All NC Applications
Version: 2022

VCRUNTIME140_1.DLL was not found

After installing SmartCAM v2022, when you launch the application a System Error dialog box is displayed. The window states that the 'code executation cannot proceed' because 'VCTRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found'. The referenced file is a Microsoft support DLL, for their C++ compilers.

SmartCAM attempts to install these files, however the installation does not always work. No status information is reported back from these attempts; so the installation is unaware that the DLL install did not work. The DLL files are installed in your Windows folder; so the likely problem was that your current Windows log-in does not have sufficient permissions to install into the Windows folder.

You can get the files directly from Microsoft and install them. Use the following link.

The above link will take you to the correct web page. You are wanting the Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, and 2022 runtime redistributable files. You want both the 64-bit and 32-bit DLLs.

In this case:

vc_redist.x86.exe - (32-bit)
vc_redist.x64.exe - (64-bit)

Download and run them. They need to modify the Windows folder so make sure your account has Administration permissions, or right-click on the setup file and pick "run as administrator" from the pop-up menu.

Some of the Redistributable Files installer support files include:

  • vcruntime[version].dll - runtime library for native code
  • vccorlib[version].dll - runtime library for managed code
  • msvcp[version].dll - C++ Standard Library for native code
  • msvcp[version_dotnumber].dll - C++ Standard Library for native code
  • concrt[version].dll - concurrency runtime library for native code
  • mfc[version].dll - Microsoft Foundatation Classes library
  • mfc[version][language].dll - MFC library resources
  • mfc[version]u.dll - MFC with Unicode support
  • mfcmifc80.dll - MFC managed interfaces library
  • mfcm[version].dll - MFC managed library
  • mfcm[version]u.dll - MFC managed library with Unicode
  • vcamp[version].dll - AMP library for native code
  • vcomp[version].dll - OpenMP library for native code

See for more information.