DXF/DWG Export Issue

Technote 260
Date: 04/22
Product: All NC Applications
Version: 2022 SP1

DXF/DWG Export Issue

After installing SmartCAM v2022 SP1, when you export a Process Model to DWG/DXF no geometry is created in DXF/DWG file. If you import the same DXF/DWG back into SmartCAM you get an error that no geometry was created.

This appears to be an ACIS mismatch issue. The following should resolve the issue.

Run your application and open Utility - Options. Select the Data Translation Options category.

Set the option SmartCAM Version for ACIS Data to 2020.0.

Set the option ACIS Version for SAT Export to 30.0.

Make sure both Import DXF/DWG Model Space and Import DXF/DWG Paper Spaceare set to On.