General NLM FAQ

Technote 261
Date: 04/22
Product: SmartCAM NLM
Version: 2019+

FAQ About SmartCAM NLM

Many of the issues encountered when using the SmartCAM Network License Manager (NLM) are not difficult to resolve. This technical bulletin (FAQ) provides you with directions on where to look for assistance.

When your NLM server (RLM.EXE) was installed, a file was placed in the same folder. The file is named, " Installation Guide for NLM.exe". This is the same file that contains the installation and setup instructions for the NLM server and clients. The last chapter of the document is called "Troubleshooting", you will find most of your answers here.

The following shows you where to look, for common issues.

Server runs for about 10 minutes, than Stops

Starting with SmartCAM v2024, the NLM server requires a User/Password. If you add a new User, you must log in to the Server Administration page and add a password for the new user within 10 minutes. If there is a User without a Password, the Server will stop serving keys in 10 minutes.

Server is running, but Client PCs get Licensing Error

Verify that the client PC's license is correctly pointing to your NLM server. See the Troubleshooting section, Server is Running However Client Cannot Find It.

Clients Receive Error For Expired Licenses or No Licenses

Check your NLM server to verify that it is hosting your SmartCAM licenses, for your products and versions, and that the licenses have not expired. See the Troubleshooting section, No Licenses Or Licenses Have Expired

Use the RLM Administation page, see Step Six: Verify NLM Server Is Running in the Installation PDF, to get information on how to access the Administration functions. Use the Status - ISV Server - Debug Log button to view information about the server. One issue may be that your Server Code may have been changed. See Server Code on NLM Server Changed, in the Troubleshooting section.

NLM Server Running in a VM

If your NLM server is running in a VM instance, you need to have installed a USB Licensing Dongle. Verify that the Dongle is working. See the SmartCAM USB Dongle Red LED Not Lit section in Troubleshooting.

You want to run NLM in a VM instance but do not have USB port access

A USB port must be mapped into your VM instance, to use the USB Licensing Dongle. See the No Access To USB Ports section of Troubleshooting for some general information on how to resolve this.

General Subnet and VPN Information

See the Subnet Support and VPN Support sections of Troubleshooting for some general information about these two connections.