Access Denied Error

Technote 262
Date: 09/22
Product: SmartCAM Apps/Installation
Version: All

Access Denied or Permission Denied Errors

When running the SmartCAM installations you may receive an Access Denied error, which will prevent the installation from continuing. Or, while running SmartCAM you may receive a permission related error message; such as, Access or Permission Problem, Write permission denied, or Can't Open [file]. These are Windows permission errors and they are triggered when Windows reports that the current Windows User (the user account that is logged into Windows) does not have sufficient Permissions to complete the required task.

Run As Administrator

If you get this error, when running a SmartCAM installation program, your best first step is to right-click on the setup executable and pick Run as Administrator from the pop-up menu. This temporarily gives your current Windows User their maximum possible permission level. Whether this works depends upon how your Windows User permissions are configured.

Modifying Windows User Permissions

For issues occurring while running SmartCAM or if running as the administator does not resolve the issue, then you will need to update your User's Permission levels for a couple of Folders. The following gives information about how to handle this.

Important: This is best left to your IT Support staff.

This following is a link to a Microsoft Support topic which gives a brief explanation of modifying folder permissions.

For best results, you want to give your Windows User full read/write/modify permissions on three folder trees. These three folder trees are where your SmartCAM executable and configuration files reside, by default. If you have changed the default folders, you will need to apply the permissions to the paths you chose.

Update the user/group permissions for the three paths (listed below) and all their subfolders/files. The folders are:

  • \Program Files (x86)\SmartCAM\
  • \Program Files\SmartCAM\
  • \ProgramData\SmartCAM\

Open a File Explorer and change to the folder. Right-click on the smartcam subfolder and pick Properties from the pop-up menu. Change to the Security tab.

On this Window, the top shows the groups and users associated with your current Windows log-in account. The bottom shows the permissions for the selected user or group.

Use the Edit button; then for each Group and each User (pick each individually), make sure the Full Control, Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents, Read, and Write options are picked in the Allow column. Then use the Apply button to apply these updates.

Make this permission change for each user and each group shown in the top part of the window.

Make the above changes to all three paths (if the SmartCAM folder exists) listed above.

Verify the changes were made by reselecting the two SmartCAM folders, opening the Security tab and clicking on each user and group, then check the current permissions in the list at the bottom of the window. If any of the users/groups do not have the changed permissions, update those selections again, until they do.

Reboot the PC, to make sure permissions are being used.