SmartCAM Technical Bulletins

Technical Bulletin Archive

Access Denied or Permission Errors
If receive Access or Permission errors while installing or running SmartCAM.

NLM Troubleshooting FAQ
If using SmartCAM NLM, here is useful Troubleshooting information.

DXF/DWG Export Issue
When exporting to DXF/DWG format, no geometry is exported.

VCRUNTIME140_1.DLL was not found
Application displaying missing DLL error when starting-up.

Launch Code Editor from Toolbar
Adding toolbar button that opens current code file in NC editor.

Windows 10 File Association
Double-clicking on file opens in wrong version of SmartCAM.

Renaming IOPTRANS Folder
Work around a Windows issue to rename the IOPTRANS folder.

Associating Open Code File with NC Editor
Configuring the "Open Code File" option on the Code window.

Installing and Troubleshooting Cloud Licensing (CLM)
Information on installing Cloud Licensing (CLM).

10044 and 10045 KBM Errors, on start-up, after v2018 SP1 Installed
After installing v2018 SP1 update, getting KBM errors when launching SmartCAM.

Error 5568, when importing IGES/STEP files, after v2018 SP1 Update
Cannot import IGES/STEP files, after installing the v2018 SP1 update.

Often getting Application Not Responding errors
SmartCAM v2017 gets frequent "Application Not Responding" issues, related to Microsoft Security Update.

Error 3057 when using Job Library Macro Commands
After updating to SmartCAM v2016, get error 3057 when trying to use JOS file-based Job Library macro commands.

Predator Editor for SmartCAM V2014 displaying Error 10: Access or Permission Problem
After updating to SmartCAM v2014, Predator Editor displays error 10: Access or Permission Problem.

SmartCAM application crashes after opening and closing online help
Resolve issue where opening and closing SmartCAM help causes application to crash.

Unable to Import or Export DXF/DWG Files
Problems importing/exporting DXF/DWG files after updating to v2014 SP1.

SmartCAM application crashing on Start-up or Exit
Resolve issue related to duplicate .LIC licensing files.

How Do I Find My INI Files?
Instructions for locating your SmartCAMcnc.INI or Application.INI files.

505 Product Licensing Error
Common causes and solutions for the 505 Licensing error.

When thread milling the 2620 Macro file not found error occurs.

On a Vista or Windows 7 platform, get license and/or permission errors.
Resolving issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7 UAC VirtualStore file redirection.

Predator Editor exits if launched while SmartCAM is running
How to resolve issue where launching Predator Editor, while SmartCAM is running, displays error and closed Predator.

Void Layer doesn't completely cut the stock layer.
ShowCut Void Layer doesn't appear at all, or appears to partially cut the stock layer.

Error 1324
During installation receive Error 1324.

Version 15 macro functions.
Tips and tricks with new macro functions available in v15+.

ViewShowPath or ViewAngle error appears in the Diagnostics Window.
How do I correct the ViewShowPath or ViewAngle error that appears in the diagnostic window at start up?

Swapping the middle and right mouse buttons.
How do I swap my middle and right mouse button functions?

Errors 3081 and 3104 about #EL_NUM when using Rectangle, or executing a macro.
Diagnostics Window opens with errors when using Rectangle, Polygon or running a macro.

How do I change my foreground and background colors?
How to change your fore and back ground colors.

My solid/surface model is very sluggish when dynamically rotating the view.
A Tip if you are dealing with a model that is very slow to respond to dynamic viewing.

Managing custom data.
Tips and suggestions about how best to store and maintain custom data such as Custom Panels, macros, Icon Bars, etc.

Troubleshooting SmartCAM Graphics.
This deals with graphics display issues; including cursor ghosts, free coordinates, jagged graphics, Print Graphics, sticky cursor, etc.

How do I turn off Tool Tips?
If you prefer using the one line help, this is how to turn off tool tips (sometimes known as balloon help).

Import Error 6609 � Temporary directory setting is not valid.
When importing CAD models you may get a 3014 error, or this error. This technote describes a likely fix.

Get unknown work plane error from macro in v13.5.
If you are getting this error in version 13.5 and up, this is the likely cause and solution.

Extra parenthesis in code from tool description.
If your control does not accept nested parenthesis this technote describes how to remove them from the JOF defaults.

Creating a SmartCAM Font file.
You can create your own font file. This technote describes how.

Troubleshooting problems with Predator Editor.
Issues and solutions to several common problems encountered with Predator for SmartCAM.

Mouse motion is slow with Amill or FFM.
If you find that your mouse motion is sluggish, this technote describes a possible solution.

Difference between Hide and Mask.
A description of what the difference between Show/Hide and Mask/Unmask is.

Inserting new lines in Macro variables.
How to insert new lines, or carriage returns within a single string variable.

Custom Tool Graphics or Drag Tool does not display.
If your Custom Tool Graphics is not displaying correctly this technote describes what may be wrong and a possible solution.

Transitioning pre-v12 installations.
This technote describes the things to be aware of when transitioning any older version to a newer version of SmartCAM in regards to customizations, Code Generators and more.

Machine Define is giving a 'Cannot find *.TRN' file error.
If Machine Define gives this error, this technote provides a description of what is wrong and how to fix the issue.

SmartCAM v14.5+ Licensing - Questions and Answers.
General and common questions and answers for installation and licensing issues for SmartCAM versions 14.5 and greater.

Creating and using SET files.
Tips and tricks about creating and using CAM Connection setup files.

Passing variables to the Code Generator.
How to, and special consideration when passing a variable to the Code Generator system.

There is a different, or no server code for my installation.
When you do not get a server code for your licensing of SmartCAM, this is a possible reason and solution.

Installing SmartCAM as 'Administrator'.
Special considerations MUST be made if you intend to install SmartCAM while logged in as administrator and run while logged in as a user or someone other than administrator.

Predator Editor doesn't launch from the Icon bar.
If the Predator button on your Icon Bar fails this technote describes what may be wrong and how to remedy it.

SmartCAM's small Show Path panel.
There is a two line tall ShowPath panel available and this is how to activate and use it.

Clean Un-install of SmartCAM.
A description of all the files and where they are located during a version 11.x or less installation.

v9.x .PM4 files get error "11501: Cannot convert the Job File" when read into v11.x
Older versions of JOF files can cause this error. This technote offers a possible solution.

Clarification of Changes in SmartCAM v10.0 Turning Applications
Details about the differences from pre-version 10 turning applications and current useage.

Printing Graphics to Scale from SmartCAM
Tips on printing graphics to scale.

Pocket Machining Tips
Tips and tricks using milling Pocket roughing functionality.

Report Generator Printing Extra Page and/or Skipping Lines
How to edit report format files to eliminate extra pages or skipped lines.

How do I print Job Notes in a report?
Tip on editing your report format files to include your Job Notes.

Creating a Barstop
One way to create a barstop in SmartCAM turning applications.

How to use DEBUG To Trouble-Shoot Serial Communications
Tips for trouble shooting your communication ports.

Problem with revolved surfaces importing from IGES and others
Tips about revolved, or spun surfaces with SmartCAM and other applications.

Guidelines for Rotary Axis Work
Tips, tricks and rules about Wrapped Geometry with SmartCAM advanced milling applications.

IGES Export Settings tips -- Any CAD System
Tips and tricks about IGES settings.

SmartCAM pre-v14.5 Licensing - Questions and Answers
General questions and answers about installation and licensing.