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SmartCAM Version 11.01 Patches

The SmartCAM v11.01 Patches fix several problems discovered by customers and resellers after the initial v11.0 release. They include the following:

All SmartCAM applications

  • Creating lines needs manual updating of Start and End Z (can not create a line using length and angle).
  • Macro execution is slow compared to v10. (There is performance increase for macro execution with the v11.01 patches).
  • Merging files with named elements or workplanes crashed when duplicate names found.
  • Can not enter coordinates manually for splines and polylines.

Advanced Production Machining and Free Form Machining

  • ACIS import misreporting quantity of surfaces in a SAT file.

Production Milling, Advanced Production Machining and FreeForm Machining

  • Milling products: mc_7.sh3 not a valid CTG file

Advanced Turning and Production Turning

  • Can not use keyboard to create a line with a turning tool.
  • Tool orientation icons missing from the JOS Tool page.

Advanced Fabrication

  • Auto Select not seeing all obround holes.

Known issues with v11.01

  • When merging files with named elements or workplanes, if a duplicate name is found, the first instance keeps the name, all others do not. Refer to Technote.176 for an explanation of how to have SmartCAM automatically rename elements and workplanes that have names matching existing geometry.
  • When merging files that cause the application to exceed 1,024 work planes the following nonstandard error message appears: "WKPLN03."

Installing the Patch

  1. Save the appropriate patch file(s) from below for your SmartCAM Application(s) to your local PC. Go to the Windows "Start" button and select "Run." Use "Browse" to find and Open the v11.01 patch file.
  2. Select "OK" to confirm that you want to update your SmartCAM application. This will open a "File Select" dialog box titled "Enter SmartCAM Directory." Change the "Look In" field to the directory where SmartCAM is installed (default is \sm9\).
  3. Select and Open any file that exists in the SmartCAM directory to initiate the v11.01 patch update dialog box. Select "Yes" to install the v11.01 patch.
  4. Open your SmartCAM application. Go to Help - About and confirm that the application version is now v11.01.