Special Offer
Previously Released SmartCAM Utlities

The following software was originally released with v11.x and earlier versions of SmartCAM. There are many options for editing and communications, that are actively maintained and developed, which work on current generation hardware and operating systems. Click Here for a incomplete list of options that may be available to you.

We understand there are some SmartCAM users who prefer these tools, and are therefore offering them here for their use. Please note that these applications are quite old, 16-bit programs originally written for Microsoft Windows 3.1. It is unlikely they will run correctly on current versions of Microsoft Windows.

Because SmartCAMcnc cannot guarantee either their proper function or accuracy of output, we do not support either product.

Edit Plus is a NC code editor. Communicate is a DNC communications application.

Download and Installation

Click the link below to download the application, and save it to your system. Double click the installation executable on your system and follow the installation directions.

Edit Plus v8.3 Installation Executable - 2.5 Mb, Jun 1996

Communicate v8.2 Installation Executable - 2.1 Mb, Sep 1997