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SmartCAM Report Creation Utilities

These utilities provide tools for specific tasks and can be the basis for further customization.

SmartCAMcnc makes no guarantees of the function or accuracy of, nor provides support for these freeware utilities.

Report Assistant (Windows 95 through Windows XP)

A utility to aid in creating report format files and for learning about how they work.

Save the zipped file locally. Unzip the file and install with the setup.exe file.

Report Assistant v3.01 can be found here:

Report Assistant - 2.3 Mb

Retrieve JOF Data Directly Into A Word Document

This utility uses VBA to access a JOF file, retrieve several pieces of information from it and place it into the document. If you are comfortable with VBA this is a good starter that can be modified and enhanced to meet your specific needs.

Be sure macros are enabled. Enter the full path and JOF name in the text field and press GO.

This document file can be found here:

JOF to Word Doc - 47 Kb

Report Format Files For The Old Style Job Reports

Many prefer the format of the older versions of SmartCAM job reports. These format files will produce this. While these files are for milling applications, it is easy to edit them to suit your needs.

Copy and extract the zip file into your mill\josrpt directory. Create a Step Report that includes Job File Info, pick moldrpt.fmt for the format file.

Click here for an example of the report format. This zipped file can be found here:

Format Files - 1.4 Kb