Short Tutorial Videos

These quick tutorial videos cover a single SmartCAM feature or topic. They do not cover the topics in depth, rather give an overview of the feature or functionality, designed to introduce you to a feature or function. Often the videos are a response to common technical support questions; providing information and techniques that SmartCAM users ask about.

All of these videos, and many others, are available on the SmartCAMcnc channel on Youtube.

Tutorials Playlist

These quick tutorial videos are listed in a SmartCAMcnc Youtube Channel playlist. It is the Short Tutorials playlist.

Quick Tutorial Video Index

Creating stock for use with Verification.
Time: 3:35Published: 20-Sep-2017

Methods for marking solution trigger fields.
Time: 2:37Published: 20-Sep-2017

Using Drag and Drop within the List View.
Time: 2:16Published: 20-Sep-2017

Basic information on importing Job Information into the KBM Library.
Time: 2:09Published: 6-Mar-2017

Creating Step Groups, within the KBM Library, when importing Job Information.
Time: 2:09Published: 6-Mar-2017

Quick overview of View - Section. Hide part of a solid model, based on workplane and offset.
Time: 2:05 Published: 6-Mar-2017

Named views have more capabilities than just saving a camera location.
Time: 4:09Published: 6-Mar-2017

Using the Geometry - Profile tool to create a profile, when you do not have all the information needed to describe it completely.
Time: 3:38Published: 6-Mar-2017

Using the Taskset buttons, on control panel titlebar's, to quickly navigate within SmartCAM.
Time: 1:17 Published: 6-Mar-2017

Use the Boolean function to create new part, stock, and toolpath profiles.
Time: 2:19 Published: 6-Mar-2017

Using Clip to quickly remove unneeded geometry from your stock, part, and toolpath profiles.
Time: 1:51 Published: 6-Mar-2017

Using Edit Filter to help you work only with the geometry you are interested in.
Time: 3:22 Published: 6-Mar-2017