SmartCAM Technical Support Options

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SmartCAM CNC Manufacturing Software

SmartCAM is a critical component of your day to day manufacturing needs. With this in mind, we continue to enhance our software by growing the capabilities of existing features and functions, adding new technologies and capabilities, and standing behind the products with world class customer support.

Each new release of the application products offers features that expand your tool box, helping you become more efficient and more profitable. SmartCAMcnc releases a new version of our application family twice a year. To assist you in staying current with product releases, SmartCAM offers a Software Subscription Agreement(SSA). SSA gives you access to new product releases, as they are delivered, which gives you the opportunity to apply each release's new tools and capabilities immediately. It allows you access to the premier sections of the SmartCAMcnc website, which offers reference informations, tutorials, and videos are available only to the SSA. Also, SSA is required to get assistance from the Technical Support team.

SSA Technical Support

For SmartCAM users with software subscription agreements (SSA), we offer a technical support section with expanded tools, videos, assistance and support options specifically designed for, and restricted to, SSA customers. Click here to go to the SSA Support Section. Details on contacting the SmartCAM Technical Support group are also found there.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of SSA, including the SSA tech support section.

General Support Section

We invite customers without active SSA to examine the number of support resources open to everyone. Solutions to many common problems can be found by reviewing the Technical Bulletins page, as well as the other technical support resources open to everyone.

Click here to go to the General Support Section.

If you require replacement license keys, please visit our License Keys page to purchase them. Active SSA customers receive replacement license keys at no charge.

Additional Support Resources

Other sources of technical assistance are currently available, these include:

  • Installation Guide - for installation and licensing questions.
  • Context Help (SHIFT+F1 then click on panel, dialog, tool box item, workbench, or menu) - for explanation of specific item, features, and functionality.
  • General Online Help (F1) - use the Table of Contents, Index, or Search features to quickly locate the needed information.
  • Technical Bulletins - can then review the links on the page, link to the Archive page, or use keyword search.
  • Learning SmartCAM (Help - Online Manuals) - use the Table of Contents, Index, or Search features to quickly locate the needed information. Learning SmartCAM includes considerable information about SmartCAM functions, feature specific tutorials, and detailed usage, configuration, and customization information.
  • Customization Guide (Help - Online Manuals) - includes information about INI settings, report format files, program options, tool and material lists, and automating SmartCAM.
  • SmartCAM User Forum ("Join the SmartCAMcnc Email Forum" shortcut in the SmartCAM section of Windows Start menu) - allows SmartCAM users to help each other.