SmartCAM Training


Toolpath and Connection Smoothing using new High-speed Machining Roughing Process
Toolpath and Connection Smoothing using new High-speed Machining Roughing Process

SmartCAM Training

SmartCAM™ software training is available in-person at the Springfield Oregon SmartCAMcnc Training Center, as well as via internet connection to your site.

Product training offerings include all SmartCAM base applications:

  • SmartCAM Production Milling™
  • SmartCAM Advanced Milling™
  • SmartCAM FreeForm Machining™
  • SmartCAM Production Turning™
  • SmartCAM Advanced Turning™
  • SmartCAM Advanced Fabrication™
  • SmartCAM Advanced Wire EDM™

Customized training is also available to meet your company needs.

Training topics include:

  • SmartCAM Basics
  • Toolpath Visualization and Verification
  • Macros
  • Customization
  • Code Generators (Post Processors)
  • Predator CNC Editor for SmartCAM
  • Trainee requested topics

Meet the Trainer

Training sessions will led by John Gent, who has over 30 years with SmartCAM, initially as a technical support technician with Point Control Company, original developer of SmartCAM. The training facility is equipped with powerful computers and dual screen monitors for each trainee.

SmartCAM training accommodates from one to four trainees per session for three-to-five days total, depending on which SmartCAM product is being presented. Single company exclusive training is also available as well as multiple-trainee discounts.

SmartCAM Quick Tip Webinar Archive

SmartCAM Quick Tips Webinars (QTW) cover a variety of topics from fundamental to advanced, and are designed to benefit every level of SmartCAM user. They are presented to customers with a current software subscription contract; the unedited archived videos are available to all customers regardless of subscription contract.

Click the video below to watch the QTW video playlist.

SmartCAM Quick Tips Webinar Video Playlist


For more information or to schedule SmartCAM training

Contact SmartCAMcnc:

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